We see the role of Oakify differently to other personal finance management tools. We want to provide an objective and transparent take on our users’ finances… what they can accomplish and how, but with no human bias, judgment or agenda​.

We recognize that money is an emotionally loaded topic and it gets very personal very quickly. We think that by taking emotion and human intervention out of the picture (with our AI and chatbot), we can better address our users’ needs.

While Oakify does not intend to replace human professionals, financial planners and advisors, we do believe that there is a gap to be filled between people that want to manage their finances alone (and can: have skills and time) and people that rely mostly on an advisor.

Oakify - Closing the Gap : Invest alone or advised
Oakify - closing the gap

Why Oakify ?

Peace of Mind

What an assistant is supposed to do, is to take care of all the tasks that you don’t want or have time to get to. They’ll take care of it and only bother you if your attention is really needed.

That’s how Oakify can help you with your finances.

Let’s be honest, how much time are you willing to put each month into budgeting, inspecting transactions for fraud, following-up on money you’re due, overdue bills, checking your balances, allocations, assets’ performance, and re-evaluating your financial goals?

Oakify will be able to take care of all that (and more) and only bother you if your attention is required. You can focus on other things while your personal finance assistant does the heavy lifting.

Making Informed Decisions

Finding tools, formulas, models and data to help us make the most out of our finances and investments is not easy. We have failed to find an app or service that was able to provide a complete set of personal finance tools while being transparent with their users and respectful of their privacy.

With Oakify, we want to provide our users with as many useful personal finance tools as possible, while taking a privacy first approach to handling their data. Many businesses use their users’ data as an asset and try to profit from it but we believe that the only people that should have access to your data should be you and the people that you explicitly shared it with.

Our tools will of course include projecting our users’ current net worth into the future and plotting their goals on the different scenarios, but we also want to provide simulation tools that will aim at evaluating how decisions can impact their future net worth. This may include how investing in different asset classes will impact their cash flow and overall returns, but also how (and when) large, big ticket expenses can be afforded without having a material impact on one’s objectives.

We also aim at pointing our users toward financial literacy as they use Oakify and our tools. We want to build a knowledge base and help our users on their path to mastering their finances, instead of doing it all for them. To teach a person to fish instead of handing one to them.

Finally, for the more complex needs beyond what our AI and knowledge base can solve, we want to be able to direct our users to trusted (human) professionals, financial planners and advisors, and help make that transition as seamless as possible.

Where We Are Now

Oakify is not fully implemented yet. We have a long list of features we want to add to the app and that will most likely take us a few years to get in production... but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using Oakify now! Go ahead and create an account and start tracking your net worth, financial goals and more. We look forward to hearing from you, should you have any feedback, feature requests or just want to say “hi!”, please contact us!