I was born in Singapore to European parents, we lived there for just a few months, then moved to Colombo (Sri Lanka) where we lived for 4 years. We later lived in Cotonou (Benin) for 3 years and Nairobi (Kenya) for 5. At age 12 I was schooled in France, and went on to study in a business school in Brussels. I was hired by a belgian company in 2009 and for about 10 years I worked as a Business Analyst, Project Manager then Regional Manager (for the APAC Region). We handled big credit risk projects for many different banks around the world: from Brussels I was transferred to New York and 4 years later to Singapore (not related to me being born here).

After helping banks for about a decade, I decided to pursue helping people better manage their finances. I am as passionate about personal finance as I am about software development and building Oakify has been the most exciting project I have ever worked on.

I hope to turn Oakify into at least a partial solution to financial illiteracy, which is worse for younger generations than it was for their elders; to help democratize wealth management by changing how people look at their money and plan for their future; to offer a sounder counterbalance to the speculative MEME stock and crypto craze (without necessarily being against crypto) and other “finfluencers” out there making get rich quick claims… to build a sound, objective, privacy first platform that actually helps its members reach their goals through guidance, best practices, focus and determination.